Why is IPL Hair Removal better than waxing?
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Quite simply because with waxing there is no end point.  You will need to go back to the waxing therapist every 4- 6 weeks.  To begin with the treatment protocols are similar every 4 – 6 weeks, but this will soon change because the IPL system will be destroying hairs in a growth phase and slowing all growth considerably.  It will soon get to the point where your treatments are spread out over 10 – 12 weeks and then months between treatments.  To eventually get you to the point where you visit maybe once or twice per year.

Many factors come in to play with IPL hair reduction.  We are all different, but in many ways similar.  We all have hair, but some have more than others.  The best results occur when you have hair with colour in a range from light brown to black.  Your hair must be darker than your skin, because the light to destroy the hair follicle is looking for the melanin in its many shades and if your skin and hair are similar in colour it will not be able to determine the difference.  Its very important to go to a clinic with fully trained and experienced therapists.   That is why at Hairfree + Beauty we are proud to say we have over 16 years experience and 1000’s hours of treating clients with different skin and hair types.

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