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Wrinkle Relaxer
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Wrinkle Relaxers

As we age the formation of fine lines and wrinkles start to become prevalent with facial expressions and movements – these lines are called dynamic lines. These dynamic lines that occur with movement can however be successfully treated with anti wrinkle injections resulting in “wrinkle relaxing” in the treated areas.

Wrinkle Relaxers work to target a specific muscle group reducing movement temporarily to that area resulting in less visible lines.

Created to compliment your facial features and smile our wrinkle relaxer treatments are typically targeted to –

Frown lines – known as the number “11” between the eyebrows these lines form from contractions of the eyebrows. These lines are typically quite deep and static. Softening these front lines involves injecting wrinkle relaxing into the main two muscles.

Forehead lines – these are formed from over activity of the muscle used primarily for facial expressions. This muscle known as the “frontails” muscle can get multiple small horizontal lines. It is important to treat this area carefully as it is the only muscle used to elevate the brow

Bunny lines – these are the creases that occur from scrunching up your nose. Small amounts of wrinkle relaxer injected into the nasalis muscle can reduce the appearance of these lines.

Crows feet – These are the lines that appear around the eyes. Once these lines form and spread the areas are quite difficult to treat. Softening these lines involves injecting into the muscle which is involved in opening and closing the eye.

Gummy smile– this term is excessive gingival display otherwise defined as 2-4mm of gum visible when smiling.

Excessive Sweating – this can occur in various parts of the body. Ant Sweating injections can be used in problematic areas and could last up to 8-18 months

With Hairfree + Beauty all of our cosmetic procedures are administered by our cosmetic nurse locally at select salons.


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Results in 3-5 Days
Soften harsh expression lines
Create Natural Looking Finish
Preventative for lines depening
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